Respect for proper Etiquette

Contact Etiquette:
I prefer first contact to be through, filling out completely, my booking and screening form on my website. This is the absolute best way to make me feel confident and comfortable with you.
I don't mind flirty banter on social media, but if you want to use DM's to book a date please be to the point with the same information my website asks for and I may not be too chipper about it. At no point will I ever ask for or appreciate pictures of your nether regions, this is a very quick way to get yourself blocked by me.
If you contact me via Social Media or email just to chat up and take up my time without booking an appointment, please remember I have a wishlist and a token of appreciation will make me a more engaging and flirtatious woman to chat with. I do genuinely love making friends and will have a true interest in communicating with you, but this is still a business and my time is my business.

First Date Etiquette:
Even I get a little nervous on a first date, following these simple ideas will put us both at ease and allow for natural Chemistry to develop.

--Incall meeting, when I invite you into my place please be discreet of any surrounding neighbors, act casually. Be on time, and I understand that circumstances happen and if anything shall prevent you from showing up or being on time, communication is everything. After Greeting please leave the donation visible on a counter or dresser, I will notice it. Please do not make me ask for it or flash it at me.

--Outcall Meetings, If I am travelling to you I will do everything in my power to be on time, and remain in communications. Please leave the donations on the bathroom counter and I will excuse myself there to handle it discreetly, again please do not make me ask you for it or flash it at me.

Public Appearances
I love dinner and show dates, and outdoor adventures. I love accompanying you socialy to events in public. Be advised that I am not into PDA (public displays of affection) not even in my personal life and in this world I don't like drawing extra attention to myself, in that sort of way.

Social Etiquette
The world is small and there may be an occasion that we run into each other in public. I will never approach you as I will not know who you are with. A smile and a nod of acknowledgment is ok. I do not mind being approached but please be discreet when vocalizing my name as I too may be with people you do not know.

Discount Etiquette
Wait! What? There is an etiquette for discounts. Why I am glad you asked of course there is. I don't offer discounts publicly anymore. If I were to offer you one it is because we know each other. Even if we know eachother please do not ask me for a discount, it really is a turn off. If I do offer you one please do not make the assumption it is a "Forever" discount. One time use only unless I tell you otherwise. The men who get the most from me never ask for a discount.

Review Etiquette
I am not bothered by reviews as they are a part of every business out there. Please remember how personal this business and the risks involved and be mindful of what you put in the review. I will never tell you what to put in the review because I want to have trust in you, that you can be respectful and not add personal or untrue information in it. This is a fun fantasy adventure for the both of us but I value my safety and privacy as much as I value yours.

Final say, Personal Hygiene is everything for everyone, glad I don't have to remind you.

Thank you,


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My fees are for my time and companionship only. If anything else happens it is a matter of coincidence and choice between consenting adults. Anything implied or inferred within these pages is not to be taken as an inducement for payment for anything other than time and companionship. Any arrangements made for my time or companionship may be voided at my discretion in the interest of safety.